Today we bring is a unique iPhone 4 Case - 3DView, it can help iPhone 4 easily achieve the naked eye 3D display. Although limited to watching special 3D movie, but low cost, you Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 Case need to spend much money you can experience the naked eye 3D brings visual impact.

First, the product appearance

This section iPhone 4 cases blue, red and black colors, the shape is very low-key, similar to an ordinary iPhone case. cases is divided into two parts, everyday usage patterns, grating film hidden within the housing. When watching Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case movie, the next flip is inserted after removing the cases to switch to 3D viewing mode. 3D viewing modes due under the Home key is blocked, so the operation can not be returned.

cases with matte surface 3DView processing, feel good, while avoiding the fingerprint generation. Vacant position to meet the user interface without removing the enclosure status for charging, connect headphones, adjust the volume and other operations.

Second, product trial

Let us indoors for 3DView phone cases were tested, we first need to download the official website provides a special 3D video MP4 format, then import to iPhone 4 using the synchronization tool. During playback, you need to iPhone 4 screen brightness set to maximum.

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