2006 summer heat wave rolling swept the World Cup in Germany, 32 Hercules took home the trophy for the team and the "decisive battle." When the smoke of the football field, perhaps you have noticed, there is little to be like two football games OTC Nike and Adidas brand war (battle of brands) so intense. World Cup from June 9 to July 9 opening prompting troops, the two companies were to invest an estimated $ 514 million to fight the market battle. They have to contend not winning the World Cup, but the dominance of the world sports market.

"Adidas is concerned, football meant everything if you want to sell a full range of sports products, the best way is to put them all up to the World Cup in Germany,"the general manager of Adidas cheap nhl jerseys cheap nhl jerseys Herbert Hainer (Herbert Hainer) said. On the other side, Charlie Denson, president of Nike (Charlie Denson) to be outdone, he Fangchuhualai :"Football is the biggest sport in the world if wholesale hockey jerseys we want the industry leader firmly secured the throne, it must be in the football world when first."

The face of this tit for tat two brands, research professor at Northwestern University in the United States spread Owen Ryan (Irving J. Rein) on"Washington Watch"magazine, said:"I ??have never seen a company so many countries at the same time such a body cast the heavily promote their Nike and Adidas are willing to expand the variety of resources to invest in the world soccer market, which is a signal that the sports industry, compared with 10 years ago, has undergone tremendous changes, business opportunities in this duel, the most essential issue is not which brand will win, but the competition soccer sports brand on the market means that the entire sports world to compete."

World Cup: New Media cybersquatting

Adidas three stripes logo for decades has been dominated by football world. The company's founder Adi Da Sier (Adi Dassler) President in 80 years ago made ??his first shoes feet. Since 1970, Adidas has been used to provide the cheap nhl hockey jerseys football World Cup. In 2005, Adidas and FIFA signed a $35 million contract to continue their co-operation and the World Cup 2014. As President of FIFA Sepp Blatter Joseph (Joseph Sepp Blatter), said: "Football and Adidas have been integrated."

Perhaps the reason is because the ancestral Germany, Adidas in Europe dominated the World Cup has always been favored. As its official sponsor, Adidas enjoys a unique privilege in the various stadium advertising. In this year's World Cup in all 64 games, the world will have more than one billion viewers saw the trademark Adidas appears frequently in football, the referee uniforms, volunteers with the World Cup, as well as Germany's major stadium bulletin board on. Adidas also made ??on the ABC television network (ABC) and ESPN broadcast exclusive advertising rights to broadcast the World Cup, successfully shielded Nike ads to the audience's sight.

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